Du bist alles was ich bin... und alles was durch meine Ader fließt...

The Tom and Bill Kaulitz Community
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The Kaulitzcest Livejournal Community Rules

1. All entries must be “friends-only”. Entries that are not made into this level of security will be deleted by the community admin.
2. Always do you best to STAY ON-TOPIC.
3. Flaming and bashing in any form is strictly prohibited.
4. Fan works' main theme should be the Kaulitz twins.
5. Advertisements and promotions are allowed as long as it's added as an extra to a significant, on-topic entry.
6. Always use an LJ-CUT http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75 for MORE THAN 2 PICTURES and for FANFICTION posted in the community.
7. If you want to share FANWORKS that are NOT YOURS, always ask permission from the fan who owns it and/or leave a disclaimer. Plus, give the owner the credit she/he deserves.
8. Basic netiquette, really. We're very lenient when it comes to cussing, perversion and stuff but try not to mess with other fans. The admin can always kick out nasty entries and members. :) Let's just treat each other like family instead of creating chaos. XD
9. Violation of rules and other misconduct done shall result to dropping of membership after two-strike warnings.
10.These rules are subject to change as time changes and different needs arise. The community shall be contacted of any changes that may occur.